DMX 16/32/64
modular patchbays for AES/EBU, SP/DIF, ADAT, TDIF and SP/DIF coded multichannel formats, such as DOLBY or DTS.

All DMX systems are asynchronous. Signals of different sample rates may pass the systems at the same time. The modular design allows signals of different formats, to share one matrix and to connect to each other. Conversion from balanced AES to unbalanced SPDIF, coaxial or optical, and vice versa, is possible within the standard modules: MAES MCO4 MOP4

MQA MQT MQ4 are format converting modules,
which convert data format and sample rate between stereo signals, such as AES/EBU and SPDIF, and 8-channel formats, such as ADAT and TDIF.

All modules handle sample rates up to 96 kHz and 24 bit resolution. Any combination of modules may be assembled into one frame.
All DMX systems work stand alone, see manual, or may be remotely controlled from PC or MAC by software.

DMX 16
16 x 16 matrix, 4 modules, 1 rackspace
16 x 16 AES-SPDIF or ADAT matrix or
4 x 4 TDIF matrix

DMX 32
32 x 32 matrix, 8 modules, 2 rackspaces
32 x 32 AES-SPDIF or ADAT matrix or
8 x 8 TDIF matrix

DMX 64
64 x 64 matrix, 16 modules, 5 rackspaces
64 x 64 AES-SPDIF or ADAT matrix or
16 x16 TDIF matrix


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